Natalia Lafourcade

A powerful and beautiful serenata from Natalia Lafourcade to the battered world, “Tú sí sabes quererme” is a song about pure and true love.

If you never have been to Mexico, let me tell you some nice and romantic tradition that lovers like to do. As part of the courtship, usually a man (in most cases, but not exclusively) goes at night or early morning to the house of her lover with a group of “mariachis” to perform some love songs.

The women, on her balcony or at the door of her house, goes out to pay gratitude to him and enjoy the present that is known as the “serenata”.

One of the most important songwriters in Mexico is definitively Natalia Lafourcade, who was born in one of the most paradisiac and beautiful piece of land in my country: Veracruz. Natalia began her career in 2002, with a more pop style of music, and with 15 years less than now, in her adolescence.

Now she’s an adult woman, perhaps the most important in the industry music here in Mexico, and in Latin America generally.

Two years ago, Lafourcade surprised us with an emotive and perfect song called “Hasta la raíz”, which was also the name of her (at the moment) most recent music album.

Now, in a 2017, when the hate seems to be in every corner of the world, Natalia opens her heart again and offers us a gift that is almost like a “serenata” to the world.

“You do know how to love me” is how we can translate the title of the song, “Tú sí sabes quererme”. With guitars and choirs of Los Macorinos, a duo of musicians that are well known for being part of the Chavela’s Vargas musicians, “Tú sí sabes quererme” is a beautiful and powerful song about pure and true love.

Attracted to the idea of giving a “serenata” to your lover? Learn how to play this song and you’ll be successful.


Photo: Fernando Marroquín

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