Natasha On Cloud

This beautiful track is the first song from Natasha Ejaz’s new four-track EP called “Till The End of Time”. After recently moving to Karachi from Islamabad, Natasha has become an integral part of this city’s music scene. She is one of the very few performers here who knows how to connect with the crowd and make them fall in love with her music.

She recently said at a music festival in Karachi that Jazz music has been an inspiration for her since she was a child. This is pretty apparent in her music as well, the structure in songs that give a pop-jazz vibe.

The sweet melody of “Raqeeb” will have you singing along to the ‘para-pa’ parts, even if you don’t understand the language in the rest of the song (that’s the beauty of music I guess!). The word “Raqeeb” has multiple meanings but it can be loosely translated to jealous lover or caretaker.

The themes that the poetry in this song revolve around are about moving on and learning to fall in love again, although translating the meaning behind the song can never do justice to the actual words.

This song is intense lyrically and soothing musically. The flawless vocals with the ukulele and acoustic guitar that complement each other so well, and the eventual trumpet solo make this song a very tranquilizing experience for the listener. It’s hard to not have it on repeat the first time you hear it.


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