OM Collective

If you loved Sufjan Stevens album “The Age of Adz”, you should be keeping an eye on what OM Collective is up to.

It’s been two years since we first introduced Tim Ferson, an Australian producer and champion of psychedelia. This year he’s back with new material and it’s even more psychedelic – and possibly even better – than what we’ve heard before.

His brand new single called “Icaro Ayamura” doesn’t feature Sufjan Stevens behind the mic, but Jack Peacock on the lead vocals with Holly Martin and Ferson himself adding their tones to the (sha)manic mix.

The song comes in two versions: a full 5-minute trip and a compact version (listen below), which actually doesn’t seem to be hasty either.

This is also true about OM Collective’s pace of producing new music, but well, the wait seems to always pay off.


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