Usama Siddiq

Two weeks ago, UK-based Pakistani Usama Siddiq released a song called “My Only Crime” which is part of a three-song EP titled “Crossroads“. This grungy-blues sound is a refreshing contribution to Pakistan’s DIY music scene which mostly comprises of indie-rock and folk.

Siddiq, who is also part of a local prog-rock band called the D/A method, worked on this solo EP with bandmate Umair Dar who played guitar on one of the songs and produced all three songs.

What I love about “My Only Crime” is how the song is reminiscent of two of the most influential musicians that I personally admire. I would sum up the song by saying its very Muddy-Waters-meets-Eddie-Vedder and because of the special place both blues and grunge music has in my heart, this song is what I have been looking for in the Pakistani music for years.

Siddiq’s upcoming project is a debut album titled “Back to the Basics” and based on the response he got on his EP, this is one of the few new releases I’m looking forward to.


Usama Siddiq on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

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