Zamad Baig

We rarely present Idol-type programme winners here on beehype, but sometimes even mainstream television can bring you a talent who actually deserves all the media hype.

Zamad Baig is a Lahore-based singer and guitarist. Just 23 years old now, he won the first season of the Pakistan Idol a year-and-half ago, to a large extent thanks to audience’s support. What made him stand out, was the right mix of individual singing gift and right inspirations, which include traditional music heroes like Reshma and the famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

On of his most recent and actually very first songs, “Dil Ishq Ishq”, has been also featured in the television drama “Dil Ishq”. This track might be the main, or maybe even the only reason to turn on the TV. But fortunately, these days we can as well keep it off and just enjoy the music.

Zamad Baig on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

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