Kanaku Y El Tigre

With the release of their debut album, the Peruvian psych folk band Kanaku Y El Tigre became one of the most prominent bands of the local acoustic contemporary pop, building a solid fanbase.

“Si te mueres mañana” (If You Die Tomorrow) is the first single off their second album, “Quema quema quema”, or “Burn Burn Burn”.

Fronted by Bruno Bellatin and Nico Saba, the group is now developing a groundbreaking sound. At the same time they belong to a movement of new Peruvian bands exploring beyond the usual singer-songwriter and rock’n’roll format.

This song is only a sneak peak of a series of tracks based on Peruvian and African polyrhythms. The use of synths and bass sequences emphasizes low frequencies, while non-conventional instruments create layers full of details and subtle sounds.

As for the kids longboarding in the video – directed by Victor Checa – they are a part of the social project Alto Perú from one of the capital’s districts, Chorrillos:

“We began taking the children to the beach and teaching them surfing. We thought a calm place would help them to be themselves and bond with each other throught sport.”

Here’s another sport, and the bonds:

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