Playground Theory

Playground Theory is a band strongly influenced by the ’80s post-punk era, ’90s indie rock and ’00s dream-pop aura. But they absorb their diverse listenings to an autonomous final result with delicacy.

They released their second full length album, which contains nine compositions of fragile dark melodies and etherial female vocals, on January 28th via the independent label of Puzzlemusik.

Floating in beauty, with warm, intimate arrangements, “Connect The Dots” reveals some eastern musical elements as well, and digs even further, with an interesting cover version of “Φυλακίσια”, a traditional song originated in the wonderful greek island of Zakynthos.

“Prison Song”, sung in Greek language, is a sad but beautiful post-rock rework wrapped in respect, sorrowful guitars and atmospheric synth textures.

Above, you can listen to their rhythmic single “Little Things”, with the catchy melodic piano intro and the dynamic electric guitars that follow, and welcome one more promising indie bands from Athens.


Photo credit: Myrsini Koutli

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