Oxford Drama

“We recorded it really quickly. It was late in the evening and we were playing whole day long and we’ve agreed to play for the next 15 minutes only, because we were extremely tired,” says Gosia Dryjańska, the singer of Oxford Drama, when we ask about their new single “Preserve”.

The first time we presented the Wrocław duo was early 2014 when they released their first EP. Now after playing Poland’s biggest music festival and supporting Jungle on their local shows, Oxford Drama will finally release their debut full-length “In Awe” on October 23rd.

“It started from the chords that Marcin [Mrówka] invented and I had a piece of paper with words written on it,” says Gosia about “Preserve”. “Those words were: preserve, hide your love in a bottle, dig under ground, so when he started playing I had an image in my mind of what I want to sing about.”

“So the basic concept of the storytelling was to name all the things I do to preserve my love and everything that surrounds it. Because that’s such a strange phenomenon, I mean this feeling. I wanted to sing from my own experience and from images I know personally. For example ‘hearing distant raindrops’ was written when it was actually raining outside, as simple as that.”

“I build up the lyrics from these drawings of situations to emphasise certain words. And the chorus is kind of my acceptance of understanding the enormous love stuff going on and my acceptance of the way I feel about it.”


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