Pablopavo / Iwanek / Praczas

One of Poland’s most talented singer-songwriters of his generation, Pablopavo appeared twice in our Best of 2014 – and we can be pretty sure he’ll be featured on this year’s list as well with a new full-length called “Wir”, or “Whirl.”

This time, he teamed up with singer Ania Iwanek (from Rubber Dots) and producer Praczas to record his most ethereal work to date. They paired up electronic arrangements and leisurely beats with piano, clarinet, and themes that could have some oriental and/or klezmer roots – or not.

The nostalgic video for the lead single “Październikowy facet” (“October Guy”) suggests we should rather take a look north, as the clip was shot in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. It’s an unhurried yet absorbing story of an October guy and a November girl, who cherish their last moments together before the winter comes to freeze their hearts. But the memory will remain.

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