Prateek Kuhad

Recall that beautiful morning when you were in an unexpectedly jovial mood. When everything made sense and you breezed through the day charmed by the most mundane of things.

We have all had those days. But somewhere in Delhi, a young singer-songwriter used his craft to condense these feelings of pure bliss into a magical four minute feet tapper, namely, “Tune Kaha”.

As a soulful guitar progression twinkles at the beginning followed by a lush of percussions, you know it’s time to groove. Prateek’s signature voice accompanied by lyrics about love, life and everything in between is bound to make you smile. This tone is perfectly captured in the song’s rather delightful music video.

This single after his stellar album “In Tokens & Charms” is just a testament of the kind of talent this promising act has.

This was followed by an equally enticing single “100 Words” that Prateek dropped recently. From the first time I heard this track, when Prateek played it in the 2015 edition of the Barcardi NH7 Weekender, months before the actual release.

It seems the song has only got better, and better, and better.

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