Sergey Pukst had been a prominent Belarusian underground figure since mid 90s, playing in various formations and perfecting his style, which he usually describes as nihilistic jazz.

But his proper breakthrough happened only recently. In December 2013 his rock-style project Pukstband released its “Posledniy Albom” (The Last Album), a magnificent mix of avantgarde and alternative rock, and unexpectedly earned several titles – including “Album Of The Year” – at the annual Experty.by awards (by critics’ votes).

The song “Neprozhitye Dni” (Unlived Days) comes from first Pukstband release since then, the new 3-track single “Ranen” (Wounded). It’s a bit quieter, but utterly melodic song about diminishing number of unlived days.

You can hear “Ranen” in full on Pukstband’s Soundcloud, or check out “Posledniy Albom”. Pukstband are also on VK.

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