For now it is impossible to say a lot about the Latvian singer-songwriter Taronuhi Khachyan, better known as PYØR.

So far we know that she is the winner of local musician contest “Ghetto Factor”, her first single “Broke My Rules” managed to enter Great Britain’s Spotify Viral Top50, and she has a colorful and distinctive voice that someday may become major voice on jazz, soul or blues stage (if she chooses to go this way).

In my opinion, it is not proper to compare one artist with another, but when you listen to PYØR’s early works, for example “I Smile“, it is like listening to Amy Winehouse performing acoustic concert in a narrow circle of friends.

With her new single, “Broke My Rules”, PYOR has established herself not only as a strong vocalist, but also as a gifted songwriter. It will be interesting to follow her creative steps and see which musical style she will choose.

Even if PYØR hasn’t released an album yet, she has brilliant opportunity to conquer music world because there’s always a free space for honest and true music, and texts with a clear and meaningful message.


Photo: Krists Luhaers

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