Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl

Who’s gonna win this year’s Eurovision? If you ask us, Slovenia has a strong candidate.

Zala Kralj first introduced herself with a bunch of YouTube covers when suddenly “Valovi” (Waves) – her first single with Gašper Šantl, a young Slovenian producer, hit the web in 2017. “Valovi” was making waves among radio editors and bringing inquisitive smiles to listeners’ faces when they wondered who was behind the catchy new hit.

Two more singles of low-key pop were introduced in 2018 making the duo one of the most sought after fresh acts in the country. This led to Zala & Gašper applying to EMA – the national contest in Slovenia to select the country’s entry to Eurovision Song Contest since 1996.

Their fourth single “Sebi” (To Yourself) won the contest and some say it’s one of the best songs Slovenia sent to Eurovision. The interest is definitely there as all the videos featuring the song on YouTube already attracted more than 2,5 million views.

Hate it or love it, the notorious Eurovision contest happens in the middle of May and let’s see what happens next. Zala & Gašper decided to keep the song in Slovene but as they value the message of the song, they offered a translation of the chorus to foreigners: “You can’t always see the stars, just stay true to who you are, stop apologizing to me…”


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