Romulo Fróes

Romulo Fróes is one of the most inventive Brazilian artists. Never afraid of taking chances and experimenting, he constantly searches for new aesthetic possibilities.

Far from following easy formulas, Fróes has released five albums and one EP as a solo artist (he’s also a member of Passo Torto). Each of them is characteristic of Fróes, but at the same time quite different and daring.

“Ó” is the first single from his latest LP, “Barulho feio”. While Romulo’s music is a mixture of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), samba and pop, this is a dense, experimental and urban album filled with songs which are neither easy nor conventional. While “Ó” is an introspective song full of poetry, its video has been made from images of San Francisco in 1906.

You can (and should) download “Barulho feio” for free at Romulo Fróes’s official website, where you will find his other albums as well. His new LP is also available on Soundcloud. Mr. Fróes has also accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

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