Lev Vasilets

Based in Moscow, Lev Vasilets is not only a singer, guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter, but also a good producer of a wide range of styles and genres.

Inspired by the music of 70s and 80s, he founded his first band, Bleeding Nature, in 2002 and it remained active until 2007. Then there were a number of other bands he took part at: Upstation (2009-2010), June Hunters (2011), and Whoa Bang (2012).

Lev is currently involved in two projects: The Coa † and his solo project Lev Vasilets. “Succumb” is the first track from his upcoming debut EP. It’s full of nostalgic synthpop vibes, but in some parts it turns out with some psychedelic features. Let’s hope that his further efforts will be good as the promising first track.


Lev Vasilets on Soundcloud, VKontakte.

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