Sarah Klang

While we’re waiting for a debut EP/LP from Sarah Klang, let’s come back to the two singles we’ve heard yet from “the saddest girl in Sweden”.

Last year Sarah Klang released her debut single ”Sleep” and we all got blown away about her vocal and in the chorus your heart shivers with every line.

So we wondered where this would go in 2017 and Sarah Klang gave us all the answer with the single ”Strangers”, released earlier this year.

Imagine that you take the feeling the chorus in ”Sleep” has and then throw it all over a complete song. The song takes you away at the first chord and then it hold you close for almost four minutes.

Sarah Klang adresses herself as “the saddest girl in Sweden” and although her songs are poignant, she makes me smile because of her greatness. Every time.

Just listen to it, you´ll understand


Photo: Linnéa Wilhelmsson

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