Ve & Fasa

Dreamy pop combined with bleak industrial elements from a new Swedish quartet Ve & Fasa.

Ve och fasa (Shock and horror) from Gothenburg, Sweden, made an excellent entrance to the music scene in mid-June with their debut single “Under lysande skyltar” (Under Luminous Signs) and now they’re back with a sequel. We on beehype fell in love with this dreamy and industrial pop immediately and it seems that the love could last for a long time.

The first single holds a whole world or at least a whole movie. Dreamy and warm atmosphere in combination with some bleak industrial elements creates something rare, raw, and absolutely beautiful. The voice of Ella Munday is clear but not in the way and it’s obvious that they really try to work with antithesis in every part of the song.

The second single “Juli” bears the same soundscape and idea with a brilliant dynamic between the melancholic and the elevated. The musical crescendo in the middle is stunning and makes you think of both french electro and german industries.

So listen to the first two songs, another one is coming up soon and later this fall their debut EP will be out. Ve & Fasa is Gustav Sandell, Ella Munday, Marcus Andersson, and Mats Danielsson and they release their music om Mara Sounds.

Ve & Fasa on Facebook, Instagram.

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