Schmieds Puls

When the summer is only a faint memory, there is a perfect time for the Viennese trio, Schmieds Puls. Led by charismatic guitarist and vocalist, Mira Lu Kovacs, Austrian band released their second full length last autumn.

Their music, as presented on “I Care a Little Less About Everything Now”, is minimalistic in sound, but maximalistic in emotions. Mira Lu sings passionately, sharing her most kept traumas, fears and dreams.

“Joy”, accordingly to its title, is the most optimistic song on the record. Stripped down, with a great drums part and enchanting guitar it is in the same time similar and very different from other tracks on Schmieds Puls’ sophomore. Still, it is best enjoyed when the lights go out and you stare through the window on the night cloaked world.

Photo credit: Astrid Knie

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