Shuta Hasunuma

“Now I’m more interested in working with my voice rather than in electronic music. But my new album has electronic background, and it includes sound effects from my live performance as Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra,” Shuta Hasunuma told Mikiki.

Initially, he released a couple of electronica albums on Western Vinyl. Bur gradually his music has been becoming more friendly and organic. Inspired by J-Pop as presented by Gen Hoshino, Shuta Hasunuma (蓮沼執太) might be the next indie rock star like Shugo Tokumaru.

In February, he released his new album “Melodies“. And a few weeks earlier, he shared the first single off this new effort, “Raw Town”.

The song’s lyrics are very unique, talking about various places of Tokyo. Shuta sings and goes around the city, leading us through quite complicated song structure and drawing us into the “boy-meets-girl” story. Well, does he?


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