“Acoustic folk trance drone avant-garde experimental” is just one of many possible descriptions of the music Slovenian group Širom bring on their just-released album, “I Can Be a Clay Snapper”.

When the beehype editors confirmed Širom to be featured, we had no idea Širom were making a video for a track called “Maestro Kneading Screams of Joy”, which was premiered by the influential magazine “The Wire” in the end of August. That’s quite an exception for a Slovenian band but it’s no surprise that Širom’s music also convinced the editors of “The Wire”. Why? Well, Širom is definitely one of the most interesting acts from Slovenia right now.

Their sound is gathered from the world of instruments – at least 12 of them! – banjo, bass drum, chimes, balafon, bendir, kalimba, ribab, viola, violin, homemade harps, steel drum, ukulele. And their music is a blend of many distinct sounds. Some might categorize them as world music others as experimental folk and they themselves describe their music as “acoustic folk trance drone avant-garde experimental”.

The band’s music crosses borders – their first album was released in Japan, later one of their songs was featured as the song of the day on Seattle’s KEXP Radio. And the new album titled “I Can Be a Clay Snapper” (“Lahko sem glinena mesojedka”) was just released on September 8th via the tak:til / Glitterbeat label.

Širom’s music is without a doubt something special and the accompanying video of the Slovenian landscape pure pleasure. Treat yourself!

Stream “I Can Be a Clay Snapper” LP on Spotify.


Širom on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

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