Fallgrapp feat. Ashley Abrman & Isaac Aesili

Fallgrapp is a project which combines the acoustic and electronic aspects of music perfectly.

Last year, its mastermind Jureš Líška delivered a unique album to the Slovak market via the GERGAZ label. The smooth studio work titled “Rieka”, or “River”, was only enhanced by his astonishing live show – a dozen musicians are seated on the stage playing a wide variety of instruments.

On his new single, “Galaxy”, he transports the listener into a world of complex beats, instrumental passages, layered voices, pulsating synths and smooth production.

Fallgrapp usually produces alone, but for this particular single he asked Ashley Abrman and Isaac Aesili to help him out. They deliver kind of a worldly feel with the soulful vocals and brass instrumentation. More and more, Fallgrapp resembles “his teacher” Bonobo.

Stream “Rieka” on Bandcamp.


Photo: Michal Babincak

Fallgrapp on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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