Sniedze Prauliņa

Latvian composer, flute player and singer Sniedze Prauliņa has released dreamy, easy listening and perfectly balanced debut album “Inkrustācija” (Incrustation) that fits very well into art pop genre.

Press materials of the album say that “Inkrustācija” is about a spaceworld of Sniedze’s creation – meeting point for spaceship “Athlete”, time and space paradoxes, neighbourhood with a black hole, fetish for duct tapes, strange races and mutants, drugs from unicorn tears and cosmic love.

Knowing that, one might think that Sniedze’s album is somehow aesthetical reference to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust or maybe the Flaming Lips’ colorful psychedelia. But it is clear that Sniedze has created her own idea of space and its inhabitants. And her interpretation is quite cute.

Sniedze’s album is so pleasant and smooth that it could be a soundtrack to a visually beautiful animation movie that is full of amazing and astonishing scenes, with weird and pretty creatures. In my opinion this could be perfect music for the Moomins sequel.

Anyway, Sniedze has correctly and precisely characterized the title of the album that also gives the impression of the whole idea of the album.

She makes music using incrustation technique – that means that every music motive has been carefully treated and afterwards assembled so the whole piece would perfectly stick together. And at the end you get fine work of art.

Stream “Inkrustācija” LP on Bandcamp.


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