Solarein is the dream project of electronic producer Vru Patel from Boston, Massachusetts with Indian heritage.

His previous work offers any listeners an wide range of influences that he has incorporated over time, starting from industrial ambient sounds to dreamy mellow shoegaze with that hint of electronica.

Starting as a bedroom producer in 2008 he has grown and his passion for music reflects in the sounds he creates. Currently a co-founder of a record label himself (Akaliko Records) his psychedelic labyrinth of sounds are deep introspective and simply beautiful he is also on the active lookout to support new emerging artists in Europe and Asia.

Currently a medical student in Lublin, Poland, Vru has a number of other artist aliases including Knoxband, Project 42 and also a project under his own name Vru Patel. His minimalistic multi-layered grooves while using his vocals to create a melancholic mood creates this good warm feeling which is hard to find among hordes of music producers that can be found on-line.

This 4 track EP “Imagine” from Solarein, is just another of his treats for the small following he got.

He considers the DIY collaborative culture and is open to pairing up with other artists all the time. While Solarein still remains a studio project he has his hope up to get this act in front of a live audience in the near future, maybe after he graduates as a doctor!


Solarein on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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