Yi Sung Yol (이승열)

Yi Sung Yol (이승열) is currently one of the best musicians in South Korea. In 1994, he started his proper music career with the band “U & Me Blue”, but the group disbanded in 1997.

He restarted his career in 2003, and at that time he won a substantial critical acclaim. His modern rock-based music and philosophical lyrics. Together, they create a universe on their own. But Korean rock generally owes a lot to Yi Sung Yol.

He’s not only one of the greatest studio musician in Korea, but I will also never forget his live performances. His personal image is to always stay chic and curt. But at the same time, he hosts a live concert TV program in Korea, and sometimes appears on radio as a guest.

The song above comes from Yi Sung Yol’s fifth album, “SYX”, which you can stream in its entirety on Bandcamp. The song’s title, “노래1”, means simply “Song 1”.


Yi Sung Yol on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, www.

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