Stars and Rabbit

After four years of musical explorations, Stars and Rabbit finally released their debut album “Constellation” digitally in May. “There have never been any limits of what we are doing. The album tells the story of a life journey, a story of disappointment and hope,” said Elda, the female singer of the folk duo.

Whether they come to a place they like immediately, or encounter something completely new, they will always feel inspired by it. “And that’s what makes us live fully,” Elda said. Simultaneously to the release, Stars and Rabbit have been extensively touring this year, not only in Indonesia but also in China and the Philippines.

The first single off their album, “The House”, has been played on the radio since Spring and now it has also received an impressive visual treatment. One month after Halloween, Stars and Rabbit are taking us back to the cemetery, but that’s just a start of a very peculiar series of events.


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