Earlier this year we introduced the band Makthaverskan from my local scene in Gothenburg and now it´s time to present the sister band Westkust (Westcoast) who shares two members with Makthaverskan.

Westkust took a huge leap forward with the single “Touch” in 2012 and since that EP we’ve all been longing for their debut album.

“Swirl” is the second single from the album “Last Forever”, released this spring – and available in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp – and it might be one of the best songs from Sweden this year. Classic shoegaze with power and heart and with the voice of the brilliant Julia Bjernelind and Gustav Andersson (Makthaverskan) it runs you over, over and over again.


Photo by Hilda Randulv

Westkust on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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