Synecdoche Montauk

Two-part journey into weird electronica with the Moscow-based group Synecdoche Montauk.

The first time we wrote about Synecdoche Montauk (Синекдоха Монток) was after they released a hit (or at least that what was supposed to happen) song called “Familia”.

If they might have seemed a little bit quiet afterwards, that’s because they’ve been workin on a rather big idea that finally saw the light of day in 2017.

The project called “MMXVII” is a “metaphysical family saga” addressed to the band’s leader Savva Rozanov’s relatives.

This incredibly versatile sound journey has been (rightly) split into two parts, with the first one released in the summer, and the second one right after.

Each of these two EPs includes five songs that are supposed to encompass “new R&B, traditional folk and baroque pop music” according to the official info.

But actually, you’ll find a dozen more genres on these short albums – though sooner or later you’ll realize this musical magma escapes any rational labeling and it’s rather supposed to absorb intuitively than examine.

“Яблочко (LUV)” (avobove) and “Салют” (with the guest appearance of ОЗЁРА) are two singles off the second part of “MMXVII”, and they should set you in the right mood for the full experience – hopefully to be continued.

Stream “MMXVII Pt. 1” and “MMXVII Pt. 2“.


Synecdoche Montauk on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

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