Systema Solar

Colombian cosmic collective Systema Solar has a brand new record that is expanding their boundaries to new horizons.

“Rumbo a Tierra” (Heading to “Earth”) is the third full-length album in the career of this band, active since 2009. Accompanying their new release, the band first shared the rhythmical chant to exile “Tumbamurallas” and dropped a dance bomb “El Wuere“, a song we have been dancing to ever since.

The turn now belongs to “Rumbera”, a tribute to Verbenas – popular parties in the Caribbean coasts. The single mixes instruments of Guagancó, a very popular Cuban rhythm, Guacharaca (a traditional Colombian instrument), scratches and infectious electronic beats.

The result speaks for itself, you just have to let yourself go and become a “rumbero”, which means a party lover.

You can stream “Rumbo a Tierra” LP on Spotify.


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