Tegu Teka

When you are not around
The eyes of an owl show me the light
When you are near
The world brightens

“Laumžirgis Mėnuly” (Dragonfly on the Moon) is dark and bright at the same time, like an early hot summer morning when the darkness of the moon is embraced by the light of the coming day.

Come to me as a dragonfly

I will run off
To the bottom of the misty lake
To calm my thirst
Or maybe to forget

The song itself is an inner conversation of a woman who has lost someone very dear and close to her, represented by a dragonfly. A new day is coming, yet the moon, the inner drama of this woman, reminds her of her very own dragonfly. Just like the song breathes nature, the moon is a symbol for the woman’s natural and wild side. And ultimately the dragonfly and the moon are one: the person who left is in her heart and mind.

While the rays of rising sun
Warm my body
Fly to me or just forget

Come to me as a dragonfly

The final message is a positive one. Let life flow, Tegu Teka (Let it Flow), let life take its natural course and trust in everything what happens without opposing the natural course of life or its principles. The Lithuanian band Tegu Teka is an alive organism itself, flowing travellers who share their knowledge of life through music


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