The F16s

Ever since their new album was announced, The F16s have teased ardent fans like myself incessantly, either with artwork, live performances or random trivia.

The word “Triggerpunkte” has made my heart skip a beat multiple times. Now finally, what seemed like gazzilion months of torturous waiting has finally culminated into a stellar album. My heart is still throbbing, but this time it is to the beats.

Triggerpunkte” showcases an evolved and seasoned band comfortable in their own skin, creating a unique sound, embodied with a variety of musical styles. This nine-track groovy masterpiece kicks off with a sparkling love-ballad called “Moon Child”. This sweet track, twinkled with all of its beautiful intricacies is going to compel you to swing along.

The new sonic space they have embarked upon is evident in songs like “Palladian Park” and “Luna Zep”. These atmospheric tracks will wash over you and seduce you into multiple listens. I’ve already been enticed by the sugary pop appeal of the track “Summer In My Lungs” forcing me to belch out the lyrics every now and then.

I’ve lost the number of times I’ve boogied my way through the funky “Caddilak”. The way this song tapers into a beautiful explosive ending makes it one of my personal favorites. The track “Digital Dead” has almost a psychedelic punk appeal to it and it’s bound to set you up for a gothic trip while the track “Plastik Like Skin” sounds like a riot anthem for robots.

The album deserves multiple listens solely for the kind of depth and variety it has aspired for. Lyrics, refreshing song structures and multi-layered arrangement are the classic F16s things this album is abundant in. But what excites me more is the plethora of new fans the band is going to galvanize with this album.

“Triggerpunkte” is The F16s and The F16s is “Triggerpunkte”. And boy, do I love The F16s!

You can stream “Triggerpunkte” LP in its entirety here.


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