Thes Siniestros

Band from the golden era of Argentinian indie rock is back after 8 years to help you change your life.

Thes Siniestros is a three-piece band from La Plata, an Argentinian city part of Buenos Aires Province. It was founded in 2007 and it was a well known band in the Golden Era of indie rock in Argentina. Eight years after their last album, they’re back with “Está naciendo el nuevo día”, a complete rebirth in their career.

Juan Irio (bass, ukulele, voice), Martín Remiro (guitar, piano, voice) and Flavio Marianetti (drums, voices) started to work on this album in 2014 but left it uncompleted and unrecorded. After that, the band went on a hiatus — at the same time, Juan started to play in the new and praised band El Estrellero. Back as a group, Thes Siniestros recorded their fifth album between February and April 2020, in distant cities (studios from Berlin and La Plata) and included a couple of new songs.

In its seven tracks there’s a shamanic feeling – the intro makes sure we travel to a distant place, far away from the city. Certainly hopeful (“Está naciendo el nuevo día” is the Spanish for “A new day is beginning”), the album invites you to discover a new approach to life.

As a manifesto, they say in a press release: “New normality? We live under normality since we first open our eyes until we discover the other option and we can’t stop seeing it”.

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