Tralalí Lalá

With no doubts, Tralalí Lalá – I know it’s difficult to pronounce, but don’t worry, just put the emphasis in the last a’s – is one of the most promising music projects in Mexico.

Citlalli (voice), Kleemp (guitar) and Erik (bass) live in Mexico City, the place where they started a band in 2013 in which they drawn their personalities.

With different sounds that converge in rock, electronic music, Mexican folklor and trip hop, Tralalí Lalá have a lot of strengths, and a lot of melancholy in their lyrics. In their just-released first album, “Tramomtana”, we hear about hope, loneliness, fear, pain, and all human feelings – as human nature is well represented by the creativity and the talent of this trio.

Tramontana is a cold and turbulent wind from the northern Spain that blows above the coast of the Balearic islands archipelago and Catalonia. A cold wind that gives us a similar feeling to listening to Tralalí Lalá’s debut – a cold wind that makes us feel helpless but also alive.

The single “Cobarde” (Coward), with its distinct melody and strong lyrics, talks about a disappointing break in a relationship. Produced by Los Niños Perdidos and directed by Benjy Estrada, the video shows how to exorcise love with body expressions, dance and a lot of color.


Tralalí Lalá on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

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