After a long time for people who know her, Nilipek. finally released her first album “Sabah” (“Morning”). And the record is worth all the waiting people did whether they know her or not.

There are 10 minimal but intricate and highly emotional songs in that album. Some of them are many years old, while some other are quite young. The band that accompanies Nilipek. on stage and also in that album is one of the best teams in İstanbul by the way. They are not just ordinary instrumentalists, each of them adds to her music’s depth.

She is not new in music scene actually, she played and sang for a long time in various projects such as Lemur, 7pf2p, and Emir Bey, to eventually concentrate on her own music. Her new album has been receiving very good feedback from the Turkish music community.

“Kınalıada” is first video of “Sabah”, shot by Yiğit Hepsev. Kınalıada is the name of one of the Prince Islands on the Sea of Marmara. Some years ago, Nilipek. had a video of that track taken at the island, and the name of the song comes from that day.

I believe that song and her first album is the very first step in a long musical journey full of success and high quality music production.

You can stream “Sabah” LP on YouTube and Spotify.


Photo credit: Burak Bayrak

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