Based in Turku, TYYNYT are a new shoegaze band led by the well-experienced guitarist and singer Jari Oisalo. In November, they released their debut album “Ystävät Hämärän Jälkeen” via Solina Records.

Even if you think everything’s been already invented in shoegaze and you’ve already heard it, TYYNYT might still surprise you with at least two things.

First is how the Finnish language influences the overall impression. If you ask us, it’s a welcome change from the dominant English. And second, the atmosphere of TYYNYT’s songs is primarily positive even though they employ the same slowed-down, blurred guitars as their musical ancestors.

As a result, TYYNYT’s debut album sounds both fresh and familiar. Whilte it could have been recorded in the mid-1990s to possibly become part of the alternative rock canon, it perfectly suits our disoriented times as well.

What eventually really matters is the quality of their compositions, and the group’s sound: distorted only on the surface level and as unique as you can get in this genre.


TYYNYT on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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