Sorrow Leads To Salvation

Sorrow Leads To Salvation, also known as Adam Maylow, is a Ukrainian musician based in Kyiv, who experiments with electric and analogue instruments. This year he decided to release three parts of his music triptych, “Wound Theory”.

The first and the second parts are hugely different but each one of them is a perfect example of the modern Ukrainian electronic music which still stays in the underground in Ukraine but gains more and more popularity around the world.

“Downfall” features Nastia Znykaje (Настя Зникає), a young singer-songwriter also from Kyiv, whose real name is Nastya Osipenko. Originally playing blues and delicate acoustic music, she has already released her debut album, which became quite popular among the lovers of new Ukrainian music.


Sorrow Leads To Salvation on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte.

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