Umiko (little bird)

Umiko (Little Bird) is the Lithuanian music producer, singer and artist Elena Neniškytė. Her sound has shifted from acoustic (on the first album, “Wave“) to electronic (on her newest record, “Secret Cave“).

Whereas she spent half a year in nature for the debut LP, “Secret Cave” was created in city. It was inspired by relations between women and men, man and the city, by animal instincts and intellectual well-being. It’s about finding a shelter from everything happening in life and throwing your own party there.

The second song on this new album – which you can hear in its entirety on Umiko’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud – is called “Heard” and it’s about listening, relationships, and it is an advice to be open, to not cheat with the universe and to be empathic enough to hear and be heard – and then to act according to your truthful heart.

You can follow Umiko on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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