Electro-oriented pop with a hint of darkness – here’s the first taste of Verano’s upcoming debut album.

Verano is the solo project by Anna Viganò, from Brescia, northern Italy. She is a veteran of Italian indie scene, as she was part of two bands, Intercity and L’Officina Della Camomilla. This is the first project led by her.

She released an eponymous EP in 2016, and now she’s ready to release the first album. “Dentro La Notte” (Into The Night) is the first single from it, and we still don’t know its title and release date. So far, we know that the label is 42 Records, while the EP was released by Garrincha Records.

The album is produced by Colapesce, who appeared in our Best of 2017, and actually the sound of this first song is not so distant from what he did on his last album. It’s an electro oriented pop, layered, warm and captivating, and, compared to the previous EP, it sounds more clean and organic.

The voice follows the new sound direction: so far, Anna always had a hint of darkness in her singing voice, both with Intercity and in Verano’s EP, and in this song, she gets rid of it, switching to a more positive vibe.

Lyrics are also more optimistic than in the past, as they refer to a person in this way “like a plane taking off, we don’t know when it’s coming back, but it will come back”.

We don’t know if this song is a good representation of the whole album, but it definitely makes us want to listen to it, as this new direction makes Anna’s style particularly intriguing.


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