Violenta Josefina

Valeria Hernández is a Venezuelan musician who is based now in Buenos Aires. She was part of the Skin band until 2012, when they disbanded. But at this point, Hernández was already writing music in order to publish it just by herself.

That’s how she was reborn under the name of Violenta Josefina and recently published her debut album, “El Ejército del Aire”, via Moderno Records. It was composed between Venezuela and Argentina and it has a very relaxing sound with very different moods: we hear lots of folk, but also shoegaze songs.

Hernández played the guitar, bass ans also served as the producer of her first effort, from which we recommend you to start with “Ascensor”.

You can stream “El ejército del Aire” LP in its entirety on Bandcamp.

Photo: MAAPA


Violenta Josefina on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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