Dynamic pop with dreamy shoegaze intensions – here’s what upcoming Swedish duo Wy give us on their first full-length effort.

Last year they released their debut EP, and today it’s time for the debut album called “Okay” released on the luminous indie-label HYBRIS and the german label Better Call Rob.

The members Ebba and Michel have played togheter in several different constelations but since 2015 they have focused on Wy. And personally, I hope that they never stop doing songs like this. To be honest, they’re not the only one trying to make dynamic pop with dreamy shoegaze intensions and sometimes I can wonder if the genre could take another release where sad gets replaced with dull.

But Wy never gets dull, they know what they do and they keep their songs from beeing too predictable and they have me as a listener in a tight grip for ten songs and then they never really let go. There’s so many heavenly parts on this album. I love when Ebbas voice is more distinct than atmospheric and I love when they unleash hell as in the end of the last track “Gone Wild”.

The album consist of many good songs but in the end I think that the third single “You + I” will last forever. Maybe because of the drums that sounds so broken that it makes Ebba’s voice stronger than ever. Some kind of reminder that whatever happends you´ll always want to return home.

The song is one of the brighter love songs on the LP and it describes the safe zones a relationship holds. And this song proves that Ebba and Michel’s relationship is stronger than anything, as lovers, as a band, and as individuals. It makes you forget times with social anxiety, self-doubt and the never ending search for happiness.

But just for a while, because just like life, the album “Okay” bears it all.

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