Yasmine Hamdan

“The scene was shot in a beautiful ‘ancient’ café in the old Moroccan city of Tanger,” says Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan when we ask her about her new video, “Hal”.

It was directed by Jim Jarmush and appears in his recent movie, “Only Lovers Left Alive”. “The only indication Jim Jarmush gave me,” Yasmine adds, “was to be myself”.

“The shooting lasted the whole night, it was very pleasurable. We spent a beautiful moment all together along with the crew, musicians, actors, and the audience. It felt like a dream night, it was very charged emotionally. And you can feel this charge when you watch the images.”

“Jim has always been an inspiration, I was already a huge fan before meeting him and working with him. This is a new edit of the song ‘Hal’ that Jim Jarmush made for me. It’s a longer version, and is constructed differently. I absolutely love it – as much as the version in the movie.”

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