Meet Židrūns – a band from Latvia whose sound varies from punk and grunge to melodic indie rock. They have already released two albums, but this autumn Židrūns will release a third one.

While waiting for autumn, let`s celebrate spring with first single from this forthcoming album. “Tomiņš” tells a story about early spring when people want to spend the night under the blossoming cherry tree, but the popular Latvian weatherman Toms Bricis forecasts frost at night.

As the frost can harm cherry trees and keep people from going out, Židrūns begs Toms Bricis: “Tom, keep the frost to yourself.”

Židrūns’s musical language and expression vary from album to album. But one of its qualities doesn’t change – the lyrics have been and still are quite fun.

Even if you don`t understand the meaning of the lyrics, the music tells you a great part of the story.


Židrūns on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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