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Slovakia The Ills - Ornamental Or Mental

Everytime I listen to the Ills, I find myself in that venue in Bratislava where I have seen the band so many times. The club has moved already, but the music of the Ills still gives the same feeling.


Karima Nayt already had an established career as a dancer and actress when she released “Quoi d’autre?”, back in 2012. While it remains her only album to date, it’s a work of abiding appeal.


Anton Vezuv is a Budapest-based band who use “power melancholia” with a surprising precision. Their music is poetic and dramatic, and it feels like you are listening to a kind of theatrical play… with a bit more guitars than usually.

Japan Sotaisei Riron - Flashback

With a whispering-like voice, Etsuko Yakushimaru sings she is fighting with something that’s been leading our world to ruin, in the latest single off her band’s 5th album, “Tensei Jingle” (“天声ジングル”), released on Mirai Records.