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A folktronica group comprised of three band members, the Other’s (他者) music shows the future trends and possibilities of rock’n’roll. Dreamy with 80’s new wave flavor, the lead female singer Xuan’s voice could lead you into a different, beautiful world.


Even though she’s just started her career, you don’t need to live in Sigapore to have already heard about Linying. Her hit single “Sticky Leaves” became a viral hit earlier this year, and we expect the same happens with her debut EP, “Paris 12”.


Songs in Danish, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Icelandic, English and Arabic. Plus a Japanese title. “Kokoro” is an outstanding experiment by Danish singer-songwriter Per Bloch accompanied by 30 collaborators from 16 countries.


Svemirko is a completely new name in the Croatian alternative music scene. There is not much information about who he is or where he comes from. But this is even better, because his music can speak for itself.


Randolph Correia has perhaps been one of the most prolific producers from India’s independent music scene in the last two decades.