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Farfetch'd - Southern Skies Motel - Saloni Sinha

“Like running through a field filled with blooming flowers while also dreaming about the stars and your past. This album makes me want to write, makes me want to live, makes me want to breathe deep. Beautiful, percussive post rock blended with amazing strings and touching vocals.”

imarhan - algeria - tuareg - beehype

Southern Algerian blues band Imarhan has been making waves locally for a few years now, but this year’s self-titled debut album clearly brought their global breakthrough.

Kataomoi  - Party Kills Me - Japan - beehype

Stemming from the Tokyo indie scene, the chamber pop octet Kataomoi (One-way Love) seemes to be well-suited band for a wedding party or New Year’s Eve with their funky groove and theatrical performance.

Pejzaz Bartosz Kruczynski Poland beehype

Warsaw-based producer Bartosz Kruczyński likes samples almost as much as he likes the letter P, as all his music projects – The Phantom, Ptaki, and Pejzaż – seem to start with this letter.

Gaya - UAE - Photo Bechara El Khoury

Born in India, but raised in United Arab Emirates, Gaya combines inspirations as wide as Western folk, Indian classical music, forward-looking singer-songwriters and the best contemporary pop can offer.