best music from around the world
ee - javier - ukraine

For the duo её, the most important thing is to remember who you are and where you are from. That’s why they often wear vintage clothes and use 80-90s entourage in their videos. At the same time, their lyrics are very feministic and somewhat aggressive.

Brazil Selton - Loreto Paradiso

Selton is a Brazilian indie rock band based in Italy. The group started presenting their music on the street and today has already four records released during over ten years of activity.

The2vvo - Kazakhstan

If you feel like spending the next half an hour in a tranquil and welcoming sound environment, look no further than Kazakh music-light-video art project the2vvo.

Korben Dallas - Slovakia - beehype - Photo Silvie Kostovská - Twenties girls

With their four albums released including a debut from 2010 Korben Dallas are definitely not newcomers. All three members have a succesful professional career in an architecture or media field and still they have managed to impress a crucial part of Slovak music fans.