best music from around the world

Electronic duo Rebeka are among the hardest-working Polish bands as well as one of our scene’s most successful export artists. And their recent LP is among the best albums we heard over here in the first half of 2016.

Spain Delafé - La fuerza irresistible

Based in Barcelona, Delafé is a rebirth of Oscar D’Aniello’s project. He was the last active member from what once was Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules. Now he’s finally all by himself.

Ivory Tusk - Where Are You Running Now - Zephyr - Argentina

We’re just about to listen to the new EP of the Argentinean singer-songwriter Ivory Tusk. Titled “Zephyr”, it was recorded “in the middle of a 3 month roadtrip tour through the United States.”

Sarah P - Greece

It was quite sad when we heard that Sarah P. would no longer be a member of the much beloved dream pop duo Keep Shelly in Athens, in January 2014. She was a member since the beginning of KSiA in 2010, singing a lot of wonderful and ethereal songs that brought the Greek band touring around North America.

Zen Circus Italy

The Zen Circus are a trio from Pisa, Tuscany, who started back in the year 2000. Their first albums were heavily influenced by Violent Femmes, but, as the years went by, they were able to create a more personal style.


Back in 2015, Cermaque (Jakub Čermák) and Iamme Candlewick (Andrea Čermák Knotková) – a married couple of fruitful Czech songwriters – and their one-year-old baby girl packed themselves up into an old volkswagen van and hit the road around the Europe.