100 baltas dvēseles

In 2009, the Latvian band 100 baltas dvēseles (100 White Souls) released debut album “Jūtīgs un atdalīts” (Sensitive and Detached) that sounds as calm and meditative as the purest music possible.

This year band will release their new album, “Indifference”, and the first single “Šodien” (Today) whispers that the sound has changed, but not the sense of music.

100 baltas dvēseles is formed buy musician Mārtiņš Jansons, theatre actor Ivars Krasts and one of the best Latvian singer-songwriters Alise Joste. The result of their collaboration is stunning with simple and beautiful melodies, heartfelt and profound lyrics.

If their debut album, with wide range of instruments, was more into poetic postrock and alternative indie, then the first single from the upcoming record, with genuine electronics, welcomes the listener in a whole new musical aesthetics of 100 baltas dvēsles.


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