Barrio Lindo

Join the journey around Latin American sounds with Barrio Lindo’s magnificent new full-length album.

“Albura” is the latest LP from Agustín Rivaldo a.k.a. Barrio Lindo. He is Argentinean, but he’s currently based in Berlin.

He’s also a co-founder of Shika Shika label – and “Albura” is actually their first physical release of (also available on streaming platforms).

The title “Albura” refers to the youngest wood of a tree, and where the most recent growth rings of the trunk are found – an important part of the wood for luthiers.

That is why this new record merges the two elements of Agustín’s music activity: his role as producer and his role of a luthier.

“Albura” depicts the last three years of Barrio Lindo’s touring around Latin America, United States and Europe. So the material combines folkloric sounds of each region: cumbias, sambas and carnavales are part of his own map.

“Facón” (with Colombia’s Jhon Montoya as a guest), “Otoño Primavera” (with Peru’s Lulacruza) and “Túneles” (featuring our beloved Ela Minus) are just the passports for this journey, in which he invited also Wende Wen and Carrot Green.

Stream “Albura” LP on Bandcamp.


Picture credit: Volcán

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