After three long years, Biz released their second LP: “Dünya Büküldü.” Since an early single came out in 2014, their audience has been getting more and more excited about that album. Now we have 11 tracks with 7 new songs alongside some acoustic and edited versions.

The band’s first album, “Müzik İstiyoruz”, gained the attention of the music community in 2012. During these three years their sound has grown and it’s more powerful now. When you compare both albums, the new one seems more “advanced”. I don’t mean the complexity of the compositions or the music, but the album gives me a feeling that they’ve made a step forward.

The first video of the album accompanies the song that gave the record its name, “Dünya Büküldü”, which means “World Has Warped”. There is a message at the beginning of the video mentioning Stephen Hawking’s theories about time. Mehmet Güren, the frontman of the band, invites people from the future to join their party, if it’s ever possible to travel in time. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see some new people in the video!

You can stream “Dünya Büküldü” LP on YouTube and Spotify. Read our 2014 interview with Biz here.


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