If you asked Canigou where their music comes from, they’d probably answer: from love. At least that’s the word they used most frequently in our short interview, when we first introduced this Swedish wife-and-husband duo.

At that time, they were one of so-called “promising” new acts in the Scandinavian scene. A month ago, the promise was fulfilled with the release of Canigou’s debut LP, “Now”. On the album, Emma and Richard Lindström (with half a dozen friends) offered us ten captivating, airy tracks that manage to be electronic and organic at the same time, thus following some of the best producers of our era.

While you can check out “Now” in its entirety on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes, below is one of our two favourite tracks called “OWL” (the second is the opener, “There Is a Field”). “Hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s a journey…”, they wrote in an e-mail they sent us a few weeks ago. The album is a journey indeed, and we’re glad we can be part of it.


Canigou on Soundcloud, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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