Fallgrapp ft. Juraj Benetin

After a debut album “Rieka” (River), which appared in our Best of 2014, Fallgrapp are releasing their second LP this year.

“Dym” (Smoke) is a collaboration with Korben Dallas‘ singer Juraj Benetin, so this is probably the first time we hear a female AND a male vocal in Fallgrapp’s music.

We were used to the fact that noone can beat band’s singer Nora, because her voice and the producer’s music are two elements that perfectly fit together. “Dym” probably didn’t have the ambition to change this, at least, it amazes the band’s audience.

The combination of a Slovak language with a tune graduation (reminding samples that you’d hear in Caribou’s track or percussions that Bonobo would use) and dramatic strings give a remarkable result. The minimalistic, exposed part in the middle creates an unsettling vibration.

You can find the track on a Slovak compilation “Ostrov hudby” (The Island of Music) dedicated to the work of a Slovak journalist Juraj Kušnierik who passed away last year. The album is a collaboration of 4 local labels.


Photo: Michal Zahornacky / Cover: Michal Rafaj

Fallgrapp on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

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