FVLCRVM aka Pišta Kráľovič strikes back with a new track “Hi!”. The same as its cover and its video, the track bursts into a palette of shades to flow over you to the very last beat.

Although FVLCRVM is known as a singer of a band NVMERI, this is the first time we can hear his vocal on one of his solo tracks. The video is a unique piece too, visual effects mirror the shapes of sounds and so you watch a colourful one man battle of a cartoon hero.

The simpler the better, FVLCRVM probably said to himself, when he went over the tune. ‘Cos the smoother the track goes, the stronger it gets, not to mention taking on a less well known topic in a song that we can all relate to – expectations that are left unfulfilled.

FVLCRVM’s music is mostly labelled as juke / garage / bass music and if you fancy any of those, you might want to give him a chance.

His former releases were all released under GERGAZ Label: the single “Unsung Heroes” in 2015 and “Notch” EP in 2014.


Photo: Katarina Bell

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