From the most interesting producer on the Slovak scene, the first taste of one of this year’s of most anticipated records not just locally.

It’s been couple of week since FVLCRVM released his single “Words”. He claims he has never received so much feedback. Although he’s been on the scene for some time and has established himself as one of the most interesting producers on local scene.

It just takes one listen to “Words” to understand the amount of feedback he got – and to understand why FVLCRVM is no longer “one of the most interesting” but THE most interesting name on Slovak scene.

“Words” are three and a half minutes of pure musical proficiency. The initial sound combining Jamie xx with Fuck Buttons, the compact lyrics, the super-interesting video and FVLCRVM’s typically “bored” voice make way for the most interesting Slovak release of this year.

Recently, FVLCRVM has decided to combine his DJ production with more vocals and he couldn’t have done better. His current approach combines the best parts of his production.

The first result is thrilling and makes for one of the most anticipated records of this year. Not only in Slovakia.


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