Ivan Grobenski

Ivan Grobenski is a musician who works in a lot of projects.

Since his teenage years, Ivan Grobenski has played in bands such as Lolita and Suho grlo nos. But currently, he is best known for working in the band called Moskau.

When he has some spare time, he works on his solo albums – there is even one with 5,5 hours of drilling – and during most of his career he has sung in English.

2020 is a strange year though, so even Ivan has changed his mind and sound. He started to work on new songs in Kajkavian, a dialect from his part of Croatia called Podravina.

On of the songs he recorded in this spirit, released at the end of summer, is “Črna megla” – which means “Black Fog”. This is a song about the true thinking of the Podravina man about Podravina, its people and Podravina life.

A follow-up to “Črna megla”, is Ivan Grobenski’s latest single “Siromahi i Lazari” that came out just a week ago. In the song, he’s accompanied by Hrvoje Štefanić on trombone, and just like the previous clip, it was directed by Dinko Šimac.

Boths songs are an early taste of his upcoming studio album – also called “Siromahi i lazari” – in which Ivan wants to release his original songs that sound like traditionalmusic, but with modern perspective. For now, he is on the right track.


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